Cut the stress of lesson planning with Trello

Cut the stress of lesson planning with Trello


If organisation doesn’t come naturally to you, then juggling what resources you need to produce for what lessons for what day for what class can be rather stressful. It’s nearly as stressful as finding all those resources when you’ve got two lessons back to back and the class are temperamental and last time the email with the attachment got buried in your inbox and when you tried to find it on your USB they all saw the photos from your holiday in Magaluf.

With Trello I can create a dashboard so that everything is right there in front of me. I plan

A Y12 Creative Writing lesson
A Y12 Creative Writing lesson

and retrieve my lessons in one place without fiddling about too much. If I click on a lesson in my timetable, all my PowerPoints, worksheets, links and notes are there.

Be warned though: the process of setting this up and sustaining it from week to week could be a lot more streamlined. Can you think of another way to achieve the same results? I feel like it’s something Google should do, by integrating Calendar and Drive.



  1. Create a Trello account and create a  new board.
  2. Title your board “Blank Timetable”.
  3. Click “Add a list…” and name the list for the day of the week. Create a new column like this for each day of the week.
  4. Click “Add a card” under each day for each lesson you are teaching (Add after school and lunch sessions if you’re going to track clubs and duties).
  5. Every time you add a new card, write in the name of your class.
  6. Once you have your full timetable laid out, hover over a class and click the grey pencil in the top right of the box. In the drop down menu click “Edit Labels” – this will allow you to colour-code each class.
  7. On the right-hand side, near the top of the page, click “Show menu” and then “More”. Choose “Copy Board”.
  8. You are now working on a copy of the board. Click the title in the top left to name the board with the starting date of the week you are planning.
  9. Click on a lesson to add resources or notes to it. You can choose “attachments” from the right-hand side and choose a file from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. Any links to websites or videos you paste it will automatically preview, ready to play / visit once you click enter. Make sure you’ve got at least a comment on every lesson you’ve planned already so that you know what you still need to do at a glance.
  10. Use “stickers” from the menu on the right side as reminders for specific lessons / break times.


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